HeyBud Bikes

My new 2006 1200 RT 70 lbs. lighter with 20 more horse power than my 1100 RT!  First ride made me grin....  broadly!

New RT R1100R Jules' Old Bike

Never Runs

 2000 1100RT

Traded in for the

2006 RT

Was a GREAT bike. 

1998 R1100R

Anniversary Model

1964 BMW R60


'75 Norton Commando  Sold to a Scrambler in '06    Do have right of first refusal when he wants to sell it. 

53 Buick

Back of  my seat...

1953 Buick

 Bud's cage.

Corbin seat.j

4 Bud Bikes

4 More Bikes

Bud's Cage

Corbin Seat on '98

  A Boy and his toys

My boys with their toys

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